Friday, January 30, 2009


sundance is fun. every year i kick myself for not taking advantage of being a utah resident and getting early tickets to the most wanted films. this year austin and i went up just to spend the day. shopped, star-searched, ate. looked famous.

later in the week i was able to mooch off some friends who had a film in slamdance. they got free tix for the animated shorts. these were my faves:


turned 21, so we
vegas style.
on top of the world.
happy birthday aust.


Reagan said...

um okay, I love this!!! Can you please bring me next time? pleeeeeeeeease?

Kristen Nicole said...

I am so glad I finally found a blog all about you. And I am equally pleased that your baby is growing up.

Candace said...

Wait. Is Austin really drinking coke for his 21st birthday? Shameful.