Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy birthday brother!

my cute brother is 19 today. WEIRD. i swear i'm still 19. but no, my mid-20's are just around the corner. ah well. in honor of his 19 years, here are 19 things that rock about him...

1. when we were both tiny and i was in charge of watching him while my mom was in the shower, i told him to behave. when my mom came out of the bathroom he was in tears and said, "shanny told me to be have and i'm not bein' havin'"

2. despite his very manly exterior, he has a tender heart of pure gold.

3. he rebounded from his broken jaw like a champ. (burn in hell, justin brown.)

4. when he was about 4 or 5 he refused to enter or exit our living room without somersaulting.

5. he's good at pretty much everything he tries.

6. he has good taste in music.

7. at my prompting he auditioned for "fiddler on the roof" in 8th grade and got cast in a lead role.

8. he's an independent - living on his own, going to school, partying it up.

9. he loves eating raw cookie dough.

10. he's got a killer sense of style.

11. his first name is jedwin.

12. when he was little he said words like "commerciable" and "neighvorhood"

13. he's a top-notch golfer.

14. he used to call me sissy.

15. when gas prices were sky-high, he organized a group of his friends to go down to 7-11 and protest. what an activist.

16. he dressed as a girl one halloween and was adorable.

17. he learned the lyrics and choreography with me to the judd's "have mercy" and performed it for my mom and the video camera.

18. he is hilarious.

19. he's the only sibling i have and the only one i want.

happy birthday brother! i love you!


hilary said...

i can't believe he is 19 either!! makes me feel so old! he will always be little daldo that says commerciables to me. :) cute post shan.

Heather Armstrong said...

Hey, nice blog!

Cammie said...

you have the most amazing blog shan! i wish i were as creative as you!! :)

Reagan said...

Well...your brother got incredibly hunky...sorry, the cougar in me...
; )
ANYWAYS tell him happy birthday! That is a cute post, I loved your number 3 I laughed out loud.