Friday, June 5, 2009


last night was our 'final preview' of Saturday's Voyeur. not official opening night, but still had a sold-out audience. everything was going splendidly until the fourth scene. i confidently took center stage to sing my song and:.....................

yep. nothing. i could not for the life of me think of a single word i was supposed to be singing. it was horrifying. i've goofed up on lines before, but i have never gone up as badly as i did last night. i'm sure you're all dying to know what i did. so am i. i really don't know. i think i just stood there trying to get a grip. at one point i thought i could get back on, but NOPE. finally when the chorus came, i jumped back on the train, but i was pretty much a hot mess by that point. ah, live theatre.