Friday, May 22, 2009

the boys (and girls) of summer

these beautiful people are the cast of SATURDAY'S VOYEUR 09. i have the privilege of spending my whole summer performing, playing, and partying with these lovlies. we started rehearsals the end of april and we open the show in a week and a half. (!!) the time has FLOWN by. i'm already sad for the show to close... at the end of august..... i know.

but seriously, look how much fun we're having:

when i'm not in rehearsals, i get to work with these beauties. slac's marketing mavens. these women are the most fun, hardest working women i know and i LOVE working with them everyday. and the fact that we're all rockstars goes without saying...
(i'm sure you're curious about the missionary mannequin. see the show. i can't even explain.)


and on a somewhat unrelated note, we've been having pot-luck fridays for our lunch breaks during rehearsals and today i took these. martha stewart's got nothin' on this girl.


Monday, May 11, 2009

celebration weekend

i write this blog as a 23-year-old from my new, beautiful laptop which i received for my birthday. this weekend was full of celebration. my birthday and mother's day. my family spent saturday night with the eagles at rio tinto stadium. they rocked. hard.

sunday was spent opening presents, eating and playing outside with the doggies.

all in all, a truly pleasant weekend. enjoy the pics.