Monday, May 11, 2009

celebration weekend

i write this blog as a 23-year-old from my new, beautiful laptop which i received for my birthday. this weekend was full of celebration. my birthday and mother's day. my family spent saturday night with the eagles at rio tinto stadium. they rocked. hard.

sunday was spent opening presents, eating and playing outside with the doggies.

all in all, a truly pleasant weekend. enjoy the pics.


Elena Loo said...

thats way cool that you all went to the concert!! We were driving past the stadium the night of the concert, and I actually thought of you - knowing that you like the Eagles and thought, "I wonder if Shanon is there?" Turns out you were! Awesome! Happy Birthday!!!

hilary said...

that is righteous you and the whole fam went to the eagles. looks like you had a great weekend, happy late birthday again shan!