Saturday, April 25, 2009

gone and back again

i'm back from my little excursion and it was absolutely lovely. it went entirely too quickly and i think i'd like to make it tradition.

what i saw:

  • the highways of utah, idaho, oregon and washington
  • my friend, jillian
  • the space needle
  • pike place market
  • the original starbucks
  • exhibits at the seattle arts museum
  • seattle underground
  • a lovely production of "sunday in the park with george"
  • an enormous, terrifying troll that lives under a bridge
  • I-5
  • portland (just passing through)
  • the oregon coast
  • newport harbor, complete with sexy fishermen
  • lighthouses
  • some pretty incredible sunsets

what i listened to:

  • adele
  • ben folds
  • bob dylan
  • disney songs
  • a hella good mix that was recently made for me
  • the eagles
  • a chorus line
  • john mayer

what i ate:

  • entirely too much gas station food (namely quaker cheddar mix and swedish fish)
  • delectable seafood (at the space needle and georgie's grill)
  • galucci's pizza in lincoln city
  • gas station food (it bears repeating)

thoughts i had:

  • i am incredibly lucky
  • do people (particularly idaho people) not understand the concept of the fast lane?
  • seattle is a cool city
  • it's very therapeutic being around water
  • reading paulo coelho alone on the beach is life at its best
  • how do people effectively travel by car in unknown places without gps?
  • i must do this more often

pictures i took:

life is good.


Jessica said...

Looks like a fabulous and relaxing vacation! I'm glad our over-protective moms and aunts let you go!

hilary said...

what a wonderful vacay! you look darling in your pics. glad you had fun and are back safe and sound.

Elena Loo said...

Wow! What an awesome trip. I'm so glad you have a fun time! I hope I can see the ocean soon - I totally agree, it is healing, relaxing and beautiful. Yeah!

LindsayKeller said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your journey! I love Seattle, it's incredible! I'm glad you were able to spend time with Jillian AND see some great theatre.

Kristen Nicole said...

I love you and I want your life.
You can share a little bit with me over lunch? Soon!

allison said...

you are a girl after my own heart. love love love, and i am totally inspired by your instincts.