Monday, December 22, 2008


at long last, (after four months) i am bidding farewell to the olive garden. i tried really hard to like it, but simply could not. i'd been wanting to quit for a long time - about four months - but didn't for the sheer need of a second income. now, however, i have received a promotion at salt lake acting company and will be working there full time. can i get a "holla!"

a list of things i won't miss:
*having a table of 7 each order a soda AND a water
*listing and describing in detail the four different soups
*complainers and send-backers
*grating romano cheese on top of EVERYTHING
*soup and butter guy (i could dedicate an entire blog to him. he's even grosser than he sounds.)
*the general population that eats at olive garden
*the type of people who manage olive gardens
*all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks
*about 80% of the hosting staff
*about 70% of the serving staff
*and dressing like a man.

it's been real.