Friday, July 10, 2009


i love the fourth of july. it's tied with christmas. there, i said it.

this year at cherry days (north ogden's annual off the chains celebration) i spotted a number of girls i went to high school with. while i was sporting my over-sized cowboy hat and large and in charge sunglasses, they were sporting over-sized diaper bags and mom jeans. uh oh. i think i'm in the early to mid stages of utah old-maidenhood. i'm 23 and without children, husband, fiance or even serious boyfriend. do i need to move? maybe...

don't get me wrong - all of the young wives/mothers i know are quite happy and i'll admit to brief twinges of envy when i troll their blogs and see pictures of adorable children in gymboree apparel. i do want that someday. just not now.

so until then, i'll just stick to multiplying and replenishing my wardrobe.

rock on. and god bless america.