Friday, July 10, 2009


i love the fourth of july. it's tied with christmas. there, i said it.

this year at cherry days (north ogden's annual off the chains celebration) i spotted a number of girls i went to high school with. while i was sporting my over-sized cowboy hat and large and in charge sunglasses, they were sporting over-sized diaper bags and mom jeans. uh oh. i think i'm in the early to mid stages of utah old-maidenhood. i'm 23 and without children, husband, fiance or even serious boyfriend. do i need to move? maybe...

don't get me wrong - all of the young wives/mothers i know are quite happy and i'll admit to brief twinges of envy when i troll their blogs and see pictures of adorable children in gymboree apparel. i do want that someday. just not now.

so until then, i'll just stick to multiplying and replenishing my wardrobe.

rock on. and god bless america.


April Fossen said...

Lady, you are fabulous as you are.

hilary said...

haha! you crack me up, i like the last line. you look so darling in your fourth get up shan! as always, of course. and i agree, the fourth in utah definitely ties with christmas. i actually said almost that exact phrase to jeff while we were missing it this year. i can't wait to hear where dalton gets his call to!

Reagan and Jon said...

I love the 4th too! better than christmas because no snow. ; )
and wow, I know! everyone has kiddos. it is weird. kids creep me out still. married thing I think I have a handle on, but kids? um. no thanks? lol love you lots you look great!