Wednesday, August 19, 2009

things at the gym that must go.

  • middle-aged women who work out in jeans
  • young hot women who work out in deep v-neck, cleavage-bearing, tight tops
  • old guys in DARE t-shirts who try and talk to me about politics while on the elliptical (i must give him kudos for endurance, however. he was there before me and still going strong as i left)
  • dudes in bandanas who play air guitar to their ipods in between their sets (although, i must say it was pretty entertaining to watch)
  • loud, obnoxious, "look at how strong i am" grunting
  • girls in full makeup


hilary said...

haha! love it. sounds like a very entertaining work out you had! i think the one i'm most shocked by is JEANS? seriously?

Kristen Nicole said...

I'm confused why this bothers you. I happen to be a full make-up wearing, tight cleavage bearing girl who goes to the gym with obnoxious grunting guys and occsionally a politically enthusiast.

Well if I went to the gym I would be :)

allison said...

seriously. these are things that are "must haves" at the gym.

Quas said...

Ha Ha. And the list continues

Lindsey and Orlando said...

Oh wow, I rolled on the floor and laughed Shan :) Have you ever considered being a writer? You've got a good way with words!

Cammie said...

Hey, I wear full makeup to the gym! But that's just because I go right after the time I'm done it's all sweated off! ;)

Cathryn Matheson said...

Haha, can I add the half dozen guys that swarm the mat anytime something female tries to stretch or crunch or the like? (And then stand around and kind of pretend to be stretching or something?) Maybe that's just the U. :P