Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i'm a horrible blogger

sincerest apologies to the 2's of 3's of you who look at this blog from time to time.
i haven't written since june. to catch up, a quick picture parade...

i voyeured. and cupcaked about it.

i made my feature film debut. "baby hungry" coming to small film festival near you. maybe.

was a real doll in a reading of a new musical by that happy chap on the left.

choreographed this very serious group of young actors in a production of oliver!

became executive assistant to this woman.

so my life is off the chains.
i also recently became the proud new owner of a 2008 subaru forester. she's black and her name is sue. and she's begging me to take up skiing. i'm considering it.

my new title of executive assistant at the salt lake acting company has me working a real, regular 9-5 complete with a desk (though a little make-shift at the moment), a salary, and a standing invitation to all board meetings. to take minutes. but still.

okay. so i'm back on the blogging wagon.
stay tuned for complaints about how knitting is hard, pictures from our halloween dinner party, and recipes that make your cupcakes too brownie-like.

mkay. ta for now.