Wednesday, January 14, 2009

oh nine

happy new year everyone!

hope all your days were merry and bright. mine were. the holidays were good to me. i spent some quality time with these people.

mr. claus was also quite generous. he left this beauty under the tree.
can't wait for spring.

i rang in '09 with these fools in the mile high city

and now it's back to the daily grind. work at SLAC is great. i love the people i work with and all the fun stuff we get to do. i am also teaching a movement class at the children's theatre in salt lake. it's fun/horrifying. 22 young'ens between the ages of 6-11. and i have to actually make them learn and retain something performance-worthy so their parents don't request their money back. next week i'm doing a little acting gig for a company called "boston scientific" in which i will portray a news anchor. all of my dreams are coming true. and in february i start rehearsals for "musical of musicals"

things are good.


Jessica said...

I'm so jealous of your bicycle! I better see you riding by our place come April or May!

hilary said...

good family you come from shan, that picture is classic! glad to hear work is going well for you! and ditto, jessica. that bike is sa-weet.

Erin said...

i really heart the musgraves and your new wheels. whenever you're ready for broadway, my couch is available.

My One and Only Thought said...


i haven't been paying much attention to my blog being my blog buddy might get quite boring! hehe.

that picture of your family is AMAZING! it seriously looks like it was made with photoshop or something!

LindsayKeller said...

Two things:
I am super jealous of your bike and I think your Mom and I have matching pajamas.