Saturday, March 27, 2010

you are what you eat

okay, i'm just going to start out by saying that i realize this post may sound like i'm jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad. it's super trendy to eat organic. everyone who's anyone shops at whole foods. FOOD INC. changed my life. blah blah blah.

but this is important.

FOOD INC. changed my life. (okay, that's a little dramatic.) actually, when i first heard of it, i was like, "pass. i've heard it all before. eating animals is cruel. noted." but then i saw this episode of oprah (i love her. please still respect me, and read on.) and she had michael pollan on - whose book IN DEFENSE OF FOOD i'm currently reading - and she showed clips from FOOD INC.
it piqued my interest.

cut to: tonight. i watched FOOD INC. and i encourage you to do the same. not because i necessarily believe the film presents 100% truth without bias or opinion (because what documentary does?) but because, even with some bias and opinion, it's a pretty eye-opening look at where our food comes from. it's so much more than an animal cruelty issue (which, by the way, it absolutely is - the way cows, pigs and chickens are treated in these huge mass production "farms" is appalling) but it's also what we are putting into our bodies. chickens that are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics to the point that they can't even walk aren't real food. cows that are fed corn instead of grass produce e. coli, so their meat is mixed with "filler" containing ammonia to kill the e. coli. that isn't food. but we're eating it. at alarming rates. and we're becoming fat and diabetic and diseased and it has to stop.

the great news is we absolutely have the choice to stop it. all we have to do is choose to eat fresh food. REAL food. buy locally. eat organically. it's easy. maybe not as easy as going to a drive-thru, but if you see what you're really eating at these fast-food places and where it comes from, i think you'll gladly forego the convenience.

also, whole foods is the most fun place to shop. go there.
and chipotle is a fast food restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients and meat that is hormone and antibiotic-free. eat there.

i'm not a radicalist. i'm not a hippie. i'm just a person who eats and doesn't want to get sick.
at the risk of tooting my own horn (which is totally what i'm doing) this is what i made for dinner tonight and it was fun and easy and soooo tasty:

veggie pizza, spinach salad and green beans. all organic ingredients purchased at good earth and the organic produce section at target.


Bex said...

I loved Food Inc. If you feel ambitious, also read Fast Food Nation and Michael Polan's The Omnivore's Dillema. Both great reads. And your pizza looks soooo good!

reagan: said...

Agreeing with everything. Food INC was amazing. ALSO if you like Michael Pollen read "Omnivore's Dilemma" THAT BOOK was fantastic. (he also wrote it) I would sooooo love to meet him. :)

Jessica said...

That pizza looks amazing! We are definitely making one of those bad boys this weekend.
I've heard that movie is really eye-opening. I need to see it.

hilary said...

i've heard about food inc. and i want to see it. amen to this post. i try to buy healthy organic foods, but this post makes me want to do much better. and ditto to the meal looking amazing! i'm putting in my request for the next post to be the recipes from that meal. :)

p.s. thank you to you and lana for the package! got it in the mail a couple days ago and love love it all!