Monday, March 15, 2010

(not far)

(no time like the)

(not so distant)

*hawaii was perfect.

  • snorkeled - saw a shark. i'm not kidding. also swam with sea turtles like we were old friends. oh yes, and an octopus wrapped itself around my right leg.
  • rode mopeds around the island - i had to pull off to the side at one point because i got a hair in my eye. a four inch long hair. it was disgusting.
  • drove the road to hana - we swung from vines like tarzan. my dad, dalton and i got some major height. lana got some major laughs. big kudos for at least giving it a go, though.
  • got tan - like way, way tan.
  • found oprah's house - behold the power of modern technology: step 1 - get your mytouch phone out and go to google. step 2 - search 'oprah's house on maui.' step 3 - click the link that says "she bought the old robinson ranch on thompson rd." step 4 - type 'thompson road' into your gps. step 5 - drive to oprah's house.
  • split up: boys vs. girls - dad and dalton went golfing. mom and i went to the spa. we win.
  • ate - AMAZING sea food.

**now i'm back to my life and work. and building our new season at SLAC. read: on the computer a lot, doing tedious things; taking little breaks now and then to check facebook and blog.
don't tell.

***up next: 42ND STREET at pioneer theatre company. rehearsals start the end of the month and i'm excited. and scared. (if you just sang "excited and scared" you're a geek.)


April Fossen said...

Oh crap. I'm a geek. Can't wait to see you in 42nd Street.

Jessica said...

Glad you guys had a fun trip! I love Maui. I'm excited for 42nd Street!

Coco said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Maui! So glad you got a lovely tan. I am also excited for 42nd Street.

hilary said...

sounds like it was wonderful. so good chatting with you the other day. :)

Nicki said...

So glad you had fun in Hawaii; but probably more glad that you're home. And the MOST glad that I get to see you in two amazing shows soon! Love you.

Candace said...

HAHA. I totally just sang 'Exited and scared'! Good luck, girlfriend! You are awesome!