Saturday, April 4, 2009

happy birthday dad!

my old man's 49 today, so to follow suit, he is awesome for the following 49 reasons:

1.he is the funniest person i know. i'm serious.
2.he knows the value of a good book.
3.he has great work ethic.
4.he's an entertainer extraordinaire.
5.he has great taste in cinema and literature.
6.i inherited a lot of his personality traits, and am all the better for it.
7.he's a free thinker.
8.he taught me the proper use of profanity.
9.he is very supportive of dalton and me.
10.when my car breaks, he fixes it.
11.when i was a tiny girl he would hold me up to my wallpaper border (which was teddy bears) so i could kiss each one good night.
12.he instilled in me a love for the eagles and took me to their concert my junior year of high school and we're going again this year on my birthday!
13.he plays the guitar.
14.although he was reticent to get an inside dog, he loves george more than he'd probably like to admit.
15.he also loves and takes care of gus.
16.he serves on the north ogden city council and is oftentimes the only voice of reason.
17.he announces the softball games for cherry days and is usually the most entertaining part of the games.
18.he relishes putting on a new pair of socks.
19.he wants to write a novel. and i want to read it.
20.he taught me the importance of truly enjoying life and doing things you like to do.
21.whenever i answer the phone and it's him he says, "hello is shanny there?"
22.his favorite joke is "ask me if i'm an orange."
23.he's active.
24.he doesn't worry about anything. can count on three hands the number of concussions he's had.
26.he does the best sling blade impression i've ever seen.
27.he's saving the planet one bottle at a time. (click here for his sweet website.)
28.he knows almost everything.
29.he was a crazy youth.
30.he's thrown his fair share of punches (although none in the past approximately 25 years, as i understand.)
31.he speaks mandarin chinese.
32.he's not picky about his food, clothes, or pretty much anything.
33.he's not afraid of anything. except snakes.
34.when telemarketers call, he becomes engaged in conversation.
35.he's seen every show i've ever been in. some, multiple times.
36.he likes the simple life. (not the tv show, an actual life of simplicity.)
37.he has no feeling in his right arm.
38.his hearty laugh has been compared to the tickle me big bird doll.
39.he is left handed.
40.he loves old cars.
41.strictly by accident, he's set our old barn on fire. twice.
42.he then renovated the old barn into his "hut"
43.he has lots of friends, but maintains that he is his own best friend.
44.he is generous.
45.he sings some mean karaoke.
46.he takes good care of his family.
47.he's always the life of the party.
48.he helps people.
49.he is the perfect dad for me.

love you pa! happy 49th!

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hilary said...

happy late birthday jed!! i always think of your pappa whenever i hear the eagles. :) and i always loved sharing a birthday with him because he is so hilarious!