Friday, March 6, 2009

happy birthday mom!

my mom is celebrating her big 4-9 today. doesn't she look fabulous?? so, here are 49 things that make her amazing.

1.she is the most patient person i know.
2.she's taught me everything i know about shoes and purses.
3.she is supportive of everything dalton and i do.
4.she's incredibly open-minded.
5.she inherited all of her mother's amazing qualities.
6.she mows the lawn all summer.
7.she loves oprah.
8.she has trouble saying the word "roy" - it tends to come out "rory".
9.she's hilarious, often times without even realizing it.
10.she substitute teaches elementary school and is hands-down the kids' favorite.
11.she's beeeeautiful.
12.she's a really fast driver, and can get out of speeding tickets like it's her job.
13.she gave up diet coke for regular coke.
14.before she buys something, she makes absolutely sure it's the best one.
15.she forgets the plot of a movie approximately 20 minutes after viewing it.
16.she can play beautiful renditions of "born free" and "king of the road" on the piano.
17.she always wins as favorite mom among my friends.
18.she does a killer marge simpson impersonation.
19.she sees lots of theatre with me.
20.she has a fierce, deep love for donny osmond.
21.she's kind.
22.she calls me to double-check spelling and grammar before posting comments on our family blog.
23.she can and will challenge anyone to a game of ping pong.
24.she is very non-judgemental.
25.she buys baby clothes for her future grandchildren. (and they are a long way off...)
26.she will do anything at anytime for her family.
27.she can still recall warriorette choreography.
28.when she was a little girl she would eat plain butter.
29.she loves george like a third child.
30.she's always abreast of the lastest fashion, fragrances, and fancy products.
31.she went to a dolly parton concert when she was pregnant with me, thus my deep love for dolly.
32.she doesn't rose-scented things.
33.she's becoming more and more internet savvy.
34.there is no better shopping partner than her.
35.she's a night owl.
36.she's a delightful cook.
37.she gets me presents just because.
38.her favorite movies include: you've got mail, father of the bride (I and II), ghosttown, i am sam, and kramer vs. kramer.
39.she loves peppermint ice cream.
40.she tends to get car-sick/sea-sick/air-sick.
41.if she ever had twins (one boy, one girl) she would've named them paige and parker.
42.she looks darling in her reading glasses.
43.she cracks herself up from time to time.
44.she collects magnets and christmas tree ornaments.
45.she picks up after my dad (and me, when i'm at their house.)
46.she took care of two turtles as a child and called them walter and tessie.
47.she is a great example.
48.she's my best friend.
49.she is a perfect mother.

happy birthday mom! i love you!


hilary said...

oh how i love your mom! happy late birthday lana!! i loved reading that shan!

Kristen Nicole said...

Lana! I love her for all those same reasons, especially I love listening to her say roy and I love when she came clear out to the Layton Starbucks to bring us another set of the keys locked in the car. Oh and because she bought her and Lisa matching shirts when we went to Cali. Good times with Lana