Friday, November 7, 2008

a utah man am i

i had the extreme privilege of attending the blackout game - utah v. tcu - with austin last night. (he's turned me into somewhat of a crazed fan.)

note the sea of black - the crowd looked awesome!

killer game. in the beginning, it looked rough. tcu is a GOOD team and had us 10-0, but we were able to kick a couple of field goals, taking us to half-time at 10-6. utah's defense was stellar and we were able to hold them through the second half. in the 4th quarter a couple of missed field goals (in a row) on tcu's part had us pretty certain that we should probably win this game. 2 minutes left and the crowd was roaring. i think it must have been the sheer adrenaline pumping up our offense, because they were finally able to move the ball. we scored a ridiculously exciting touchdown with about 45 seconds left. it was a little nerve-wracking because tcu's offense is SO fast and they were able to really move the ball down the field in very little time, but with about 4 seconds left we intercepted their pass and the game was ours.

crazy fans rushing the field. i had to hold austin back.

final score utah-13, tcu-10.

well played, boys.


Brad and Darci said...

I bet that was an awesome game to be at! Glad you guys enjoyed it- maybe you guys brought them good luck:)

allison said...

even though i'm a born and raised die hard byu fan, this season was so awesome for the utes. i'm so happy for kyle whittingham, because he was my old sunday school teacher! he totally deserves it.

at any rate-go weber state!