Tuesday, February 23, 2010

on my mind

i'm thinking about:

how sleeping in is awesome until it's night-time and you're not tired when you should be.
the BEE and how i miss it already.
how i haven't been watching much of the olympics.
maybe seeing 12 ANGRY MEN at pioneer tomorrow night.
hawaii in 11 days.
starting 42ND STREET rehearsals in a month.
sleeping in my own bed wednesday night for the first time since january 30.
VOYEUR auditions.
whether or not i like the idea of a blind date.
new music.
how if i don't go to sleep now i'm going to be yawning all day at work tomorrow.

bon soir.


Elena Loo said...

those are some good thoughts! A blind date could be a good thing too. That or a really funny story to tell later on. :) - I wish I could have seen Bee, I bet it was awesome. And good luck in 42nd, and I'm totally jealous about Hawaii!

hilary said...

so jealous you're going to hawaii. fun thoughts. wish i could've seen spelling bee.

Jessica said...

Hawaii!!?? What a blast! Very jealous. I could do with some warm weather.
I'm excited to see you in 42nd Street!