Saturday, January 2, 2010

i resolve

it's 2010. and we don't have flying cars OR robot servants. hmmm. i'm a little disheartened.

at any rate, i figure i'll set some goals.

in 2010 i will:

  • research grad schools and make some choices on where to apply and when.
  • give the gym a higher spot on my list of priorities. (you: "how cliche. resolve to go to the gym." me: "i know.")
  • put money in my savings account every week.
  • be a little more early to bed and early to rise in hopes of promoting my health, wealth and wisdom.
  • write more. journal, blog, heartfelt notes to loved ones.
  • cook more. i had this brilliant idea to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook and blog about it but apparently someone beat me to the punch.
  • drink more water.
  • read more.
  • rekindle my relationship with multivitamins.
  • keep my life more organized and tidy.
  • take a class: french, cooking, dance, something...
  • be happy
  • be thankful

do-able? quite.
happy new year.

ps: the date today is magical. 01022010.
palindromes. i love them.


April Fossen said...

What are the chances our schedules would accommodate us taking a cooking class together?

Lindsay said...

Actually we'll get the flying cars in 2015 along with the hover boards. I know what you mean about the new year sounding futuristic!

Jessica said...

Good list. You should come to some of Drew's cooking classes with mother and me. They are informational and pretty entertaining.

hilary said...

good list! let's add one: make sure to remind your friend hilary to PLAN a get together next time she is in utah. ok. now it's complete.