Thursday, November 5, 2009

things to note

i'm learning to knit.
i was wednesday addams for halloween.
i'm an only child for the next 2 years.
tomorrow night i'll be dancing and moving to that beat. that beat.
tues: act like a dog, then housesit a cat
my fingernails and toenails are black.
and they shine like justice.
i'm hard up for things to blog about.


Lindsay said...

I could be the late hour but I could of sworn you were dropping lines by Beck and Cake.

Did you take Halloween pictures?

What are you knitting?

shannon said...

regina spektor and cake. maybe something by beck but not intentionally. :)

i forgot my camera on halloween, but i think i got tagged on facebook in at least one...

right now knitting a scarf. super easy. next i'll try a hat...

allison said...

i'm hard up for your blog! tell us more about your knitting ventures...xo

Carleton said...

What ever Shannon, you know you're a girl with a shot skirt and a looooooooooonnnnng Jacket.