Sunday, September 14, 2008

here's a tip:

when you go to a restaurant, it's fine to linger at your table as long as you like, under the condition that you up the tip. after a certain amount of time, you're just taking business away from your server.

when you, your spouse, and three young, loud and messy children decide to go to a restaurant for lunch and your bill comes to $68, don't leave your attentive, charming and friendly waitress a measly five dollars.

when you and your mother order a frozen raspberry lemonade, send them back for being "too sweet", ask your waitress to describe, in detail, each soup, make ridiculous special requests for each entree, then, when they are delivered (perfectly as requested) to your table tell the waitress to take them back and box them up because you're suddenly feeling ill, do not leave a two dollar tip on your $33 bill.

those are just a few of many examples of the BAD TIPPERS i've encountered in my past few weeks of waitressing. i've fallen into the routine rather nicely, however, my heart just isn't in it. therefore, i'm cutting back to just serving on weekends and am now going to substitute teach in the salt lake city school district. subbing is something i've done before, and liked, and now that i have my bachelor's degree i can make more money doing so.

so that brings my current job total to 3: the OG, salt lake acting company, and subbing. it sounds like a lot, but i like having the variety.

in closing i'd just like to say, please tip your servers well. you don't realize how much they do until you do it yourself. tips are the only way servers make any money since the hourly wage is $2.13. 15-20% people. it's the right thing to do.

the more you know....


Brad and Darci said...

Oh my heck- I would get so bugged by people. Though we do not have this problem because brad thinks that he has to tip like at least 20% but usually more- this is something that i have had to really work on him with! I guess it works out great for our server- just not so great for our budget:)
How fun to be subbing though- glad you are enjoying it!

Coco said...