Saturday, July 26, 2008

un petit voyage

i just got back from a little trip up to jackson hole with my mom, dad and george. we saw a lovely production of "singin' in the rain", spent a day in yellowstone, shopped a little, rode the alpine slide, went to a fair, and saw "mamma mia" in the tiny jackson hole movie theatre. (love you meryl.)

some highlights of the trip:

  • watching my dad try to wave down a semi for flipping rocks at us

  • watching austin's mad tap skills in "singin'"
  • trying to speak french to the men struggling at the gas station

  • seeing a grizzley in yellowstone

  • watching george "bouff" at the buffalo

  • breakfast at nora's

  • seeing the 1,000 pound pig

  • "the winner takes it all"

  • getting to hang out with austin, tyson and elise

  • lily & co.

    george and me with jackson's official singing cowboy

the talented leads of "singin' in the rain"
kai blakesly, ami abram, and austin archer

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